About Loitsu Crafts

Hello! My name is Renée and, despite the French flavor in that, I am actually a daughter of the Amazon, a mixed bag of Portuguese, Angolan and indigenous Guarani roots. I am an artisan jeweller, born and raised in Northeastern Brazil. My homeland is a place of a multitude of cultures and creeds, where I have fascinatingly experienced a great deal of folk healing and magic, all which inspired me to follow this path until here. 

I have moved to Finland in 2011 and instantly felt strongly connected to its people and traditions. Here I am still, making jewelry and ritual items inspired by this land's spellbinding nature.

In Finnish, the word "loitsu" means "magic spell" or "enchantment". I am a true believer of the every day magic of things, and thus I treat each and every item I craft as a loitsu: something made with love with the simple intention of making your everyday life more beautiful and magical.

All my items are ethically handmade in small batches from recyclable or up-cycled materials, as well as cruelty-free nature finds. You can find them from this website and also from my Etsy store

You can find out more about me and my work by following me on social media. I am on InstagramFacebook and Tumblr.

Many blessings to you and yours,