Serpent claw fingernail rings in brass

85.00 EUR

This is a pre-order for the claw rings in brass (other materials coming next!). The pieces are slightly adjustable and come in sizes depending on the finger they'll be worn on:

Thumb - size US 8 / 18mm diameter / 57mm circumference
Index - size US 4 / 15mm diameter / 47mm circumference
Middle - size US 4 / 15mm diameter / 47mm circumference
Ring - size US 3 ½ / 14.5mm diameter / 45mm circumference
Little - size US 1 / 13mm diameter / 13mm circumference

Nail length also available in different sizes:

Short - 15mm tall
Medium - 25mm tall
Long - 30mm tall
Super long - 40mm tall

If you'd like to order another custom size, please write it as a "message to seller" during checkout. Also let me know what nail length you need.

24% VAT will be added on orders to European countries. All pre-ordered pieces will be shipped on January 8th 2023. Flat rate priority shipping fee included (5e) and tracking available for orders of two or more items.